Project Overhead Projector (PowerPoint is Evil)

I knew it, you knew it, university students and teachers have known it for quite some time, and now the whole world knows it: PowerPoint Is Evil: Wired says so! Although the article draws some nice parallels between PowerPoint-ism and the over-beauracratized Stalinist state (see the pic) I am disappointed to find that in the end it is little more than yet another *boring* PowerPoint tutorial with a thin veneer of sardonic humour slapped on top.

I am calling for presentation technologies to become part of the whole old-skool/analog retro thing: bring back the OHP, I say, along with Vespas, Moogs, Polaroid cameras and text-based, link-heavy websites. Hang it all, I like using the BLACKBOARD!

Note to self: get T-shirts printed that say: “I’m Down with OHP”.