Project Overhead Projector contd.

Of course, the OHP is an essential part of any psychedelic lightshow’s arsenal, particularly if it is 1968 and you are tripping to the moon. And the projector hasn’t been forgotten by the Retro Chic Army: just came across a little article about a couple of dudes who run something called the State Prison Light Show – their promo blurb describes it as:

a 60’s style psychedelic lightshow, featuring a variety of artists using their own secret techniqes to bring the audience into new dimensions of light and sound. Using classic liquid oil and film projection, SPLS creates a mind blowing visual roller coaster ride at festivals, clubs and theaters througout the New England area.

Their current stock includes 21 overhead projectors [!!go guys!!], six 16mm and 15mm projectors. [The projectors] come from institutions such as Dover High School, Horne Street School, Garrison School, Somersworth, the University of New Hampshire and even a black GTL projector (a brand that only sells to churches) that came from a Hampton church.

“We just try to beat them to the trash can,” says one of the dudes in question. Now these guys are Down with OHP.

Blowing air to move around a special mixture of water oil and “special ingredients’ which sits on top of an old projector.