Urban Life: The 73Bus

This is one of those “Oh, I wish I’d thought of it!” projects. If, like me, you believe in the poetry of the everyday, then have a look at the 73bus blog and website. I love it because it is poetic, funky, and sociologically informed at the same time.


“73urbanjourneys.com is designed to explore, experience and capture textual, visual and sensual narratives of a mobile London urban experience. By focusing on the No. 73 Routemaster bus, I aim to collect and publish 73 stories about everyday urban journeys. Each story, up to 73 words in length, documents experiences or observations on the No.73 bus, in the bus stop or on the route. You can read other people’s stories and add yours as a comment on the blog. The site also features longer writings and interviews, history about the bus and its place in the city. 73urbanjourneys.com builds upon the work of INCITE, at the University of Surrey, which aims to increase an understanding of the ways in which place, technology and social relations intersect.”