iTunes iSbogus

Again, sonic proliferation as strategy from “below”: check out the radically snazzy Down Hill Battle’s (as in, the RIAA is fighting an uphill one!) stylish manifesto: iTunes iSbogus
An excerpt from the warcry:

Steve Jobs says the Music Store is “revolutionizing music.” What an impoverished imagination he has. An expensive jukebox and a long-playing walkman aren’t revolutionary. A revolution in music will be when people stop buying music and start living it: when 25 cent donations support more musicians than CDs ever did, when payola’s dead and radio is commercial-free all day long, when every American highschool has a recording studio just cause they’re that cheap to set up. This can all happen right now.

The manifesto will send some extra adrenalin around the old bloodstream, whatever side of the file-sharing fence you are on, but it is also unusually well-informed and coolly analytical.