OurMedia launches!

This is very exciting – the OurMedia project, which I have been peripherally involved with in the planning phase, has now launched.


Create. Share. Get noticed. That’s what Ourmedia is about.

Ourmedia is a global community and learning center where you can gain visibility for your works of personal media. We’ll host your media forever ? for free.

Video blogs, photo albums, home movies, podcasting, digital art, documentary journalism, home-brew political ads, music videos, audio interviews, digital storytelling, children’s tales, Flash animations, student films, mash-ups ? all kinds of digital works have begun to flourish as the Internet rises up alongside big media as a place where we?ll gather to inform, entertain and astound each other.

Ourmedia is several things in one. We are:
? An open-source project built and staffed by volunteers
? A destination Web site that freely hosts grassroots video, audio, music, photos, text and public domain works
? A community space to share and discuss personal media
? A learning toolkit to help our members create rich and compelling works
? An archive so that these works can be preserved for the ages
? A clearinghouse that allows anyone to search for licensed video, audio or music, download it and remix it, with proper attribution. Legally.

I encourage you to sign up and start populating the home of grassroots media with your content.

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