Out and about in Boston

I have copious session notes to blog from the conference, but I can’t cope with rewriting them right now (Axel, you are the master of conference blogging – I will have to just sit at your feet and learn). Plus, this is not really a laptops-out-during-sessions type crowd, and having an iBook makes you look even more like a pretentious geek.

But anyway, on my second night here I caught up with my friend Colin who I met at the OII last year. We started at this pub in Harvard, then we wandered through Boston’s mansion district, stopping for a fancy martini at the Oak Bar (Michelle, you are the best waitress ever), before mac’n’cheese and a beer at cafe delux (which was, indeed, delux) and finally catching the last two sets of a great trio of (I think) Berklee College of Music students at Wally’s cafe – a jazz bar that has been in the same family since the 1940s. Outside of Wally’s I was accosted by another Berklee student flogging a really quite awesome hip hop CD on which he goes by the name of Black Swan (no URL for this dude).

FYI, everything in Boston shuts at 1.00 am, and there is not really a street culture to speak of…but I feel I’ve been privileged to see the best of it.

Needless to say there is no hope for the sleep patterns to stabilise by the time I fly out tomorrow…

Thanks, Colin!

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