60 second story

The 60 Second Story Competition is an excellent idea, especially in encouraging people to use the video recording capabilities of mobile phones. Reminds me of my MMS haiku idea (3 images, 3 captions with correct no. of syllables and all – voila!) Anyway….

We need more stories in our lives, yet we don’t have much time for them. Most digital cameras and webcams allow you to take one minute of video and audio at resolutions suitable for the web. The solution: 60 second stories, of course.

We are pleased to announce the 60 second story competition. 60 second stories are works of fiction recorded by their authors as digital videos, less than one minute in duration. Files size must be less than 5MB, and work must be submitted under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. Entries are being accepted from now until June 8th, 2005.

Some of the submissions are already online.

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  1. Hey Jean, you and all the other hypertext.rmit.edu ppl seem to have inherited Adrian’s favicon to identify your RSS feeds. It’s vaguely distracting!

  2. Huh? I haven’t noticed…unless it’s the generic WP favicon you mean. Which I thought I’d deleted….

  3. You may also check an online QUIZ from one of the partecipants, which also has a clip on 60SecondsStory, here


    this is the Boyz and Girlz, Where Do You Stand quiz

    have fun as it is funny

  4. Weird, now it’s just Chrisitan who’s wearing Adrian’s face. It’s a conspiracy! Perhaps the Prieure de Bloglines-Sion behind was behind everything…

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