Mobile digital storytelling…

I’ve been ranting on and on about mobile phones as media production tools for ages – luckily, I never have to actually develop products to back up my rants, because time after time someone else has been doing it in the background all along…witness HP StoryCast: Simple, digital storytelling with photos and narration

StoryCast is an experimental digital storytelling service that lets people use their camera phones and other mobile devices to easily create and instantly share stories with friends and family. Each story consists of a sort of narrated slide show of photos accompanied by the storyteller’s voice.

As usual, the idea is interpersonal communication (‘friends and family’) but if this gets taken up with any momentum, we’ll probably see public online platforms for sharing too…

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  1. Hi Jean – another “I found your blog by accident comment. I think the mobile phone digital storytelling thing is really interesting. I’d been wanting to use my mobile to take the pics for a digital story and finally made The Life Of Pie. I found taking photos in the supermarket with my phone a lot more discreet than using a normal camera would have been. I added the voice and edited the story later at home.

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