I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Well, the white christmas may not work out, because it doesn’t always snow in Dec/Jan, I know that. But the fact remains that I am going to be in the UK from just before Christmas until the end of January, so all my UK co-conspirators, colleagues and cronies, look out because I may lob on you for enthusiastic chats and cleansing ales.

I’m there primarily to do fieldwork on digital storytelling, proper details when I get absolute confirmation, but YAY for not having to spend January sweltering and being bored in Brisbane.

Further to that, let me just say I’m very excited about my PhD generally at the moment, not least because:

a. I think I have a robust thesis structure and something like a tentative through argument that I can bring into dialogue with the ways in which my research participants theorise their own “vernacular creative practice” (big nod to Thomas McLaughlin for showing me the light in terms of how to approach this); and
b. Armed with this conceptual and methodological framework, I’m finally going into a 4 month period of intense fieldwork, after which,
c. I am (un)reasonably confident of having it together to write up and finish well on time in Feb 2007. Focused immersion, here we come.