T-Shirt Stoushing

Have I invented a meme? Will fame and fortune finally be mine? We all know that’s less than likely, but my slightly childish (and little-understood) substitution of a t-shirt design in the place of rational debate about identities and television prompted Mark to appropriate the idea as a new weapon in “blog stoushing”, and it has caught on….once, and then been recuperated for the market as a mere exercise in t-shirt design and shameless self-promotion. 😉

More seriously, I am actually thinking about experimenting with completely non-discursive, if not non-verbal blogging (video posts of me lying in the park listening to birds, audio posts of my brain ticking over, and zany t-shirt designs), because sometimes I wish the whole internet, especially me, would just shut up for 5 minutes. We could try listening.

Even more seriously, am quite hot on DIY t-shirt design websites like spreadshirt, cafe press, et al as platforms for wearable vernacular creativity.

And, beyond seriousness and heading towards sheer terror, I have a very, very, very scary publication and general things-to-do timeline leading up to Christmas.

4 thoughts to “T-Shirt Stoushing”

  1. Kinda sorta for the market – we only ask for donations and sell stuff to cover the costs of running a blog with 4000+ readers.

    “shameless self-promotion” – Yep 🙂

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  3. Aw, didn’t you see the wink, mark?
    But since you bit, are you saying lp is sorta kinda outside the market somehow, hmmm?

  4. Saw the wink, Jean, but my poor knowledge of emoticons meant I couldn’t find an appropriate way to wink back! 🙁

    Naah, we’re not a utopian communal space outside the market, just a bunch of lefties who can’t figure out how to make the thing pay! 🙂

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