11 thoughts to “nonverbal”

  1. awesome. at risk of verbalising, this makes me think – if every blogger we read vlogged their desk, how many products would be similar? laptop, coffee, bottled water, ipod, cigarettes… for which i would substitute glasses case and hayfever tissues…

  2. i know… i’m a regular fashionista. but without the spikey hair, i have to construct a whole new identity, perhaps we can just write it off to a temporary dissertation based hair malaise though….

  3. here’s a beautiful irony… quicktime is screwed up and won’t give me anything but audio.

    nice tunes. :^D

  4. glad you have joined the vlogging masses. what’s the music?
    in fact it made me realise i really REALLY need to get a whiteboard… operating with paper and post-it’s at the moment and its not great…

  5. Jeremy, I haven’t had spiky hair for *ages*

    The music is The Necks – for writing, I love any kind of tonal minimalism, or sometimes drum ‘n’ bass, or sometimes instrumental vivaldi or mozart…anything nonverbal and systematic…

    Mel, vlog your desk!

  6. you could use your still digital camera or mobile phone (that’s what i did and why the quality’s crap) to shoot a short clip?

    Then send it to your ibook and just upload it to http://blip.tv which is kinda sorta like flickr for video.

    People do all kinds of fancy schmancy editing, but that would have been against the whole minimal effort approach i was going for.

    You might need to convert the format first, email me if you want help

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