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One of many interesting discussions about the affordances, limitations and possible uses of the video iPod is happening at Adrian Miles’s blog. As I say in the comments, I’m quite positive about the implications of the iPod for small-format, visually humble and sonically rich cinema – like what my team had in mind with the prototype digital story we produced in the masterclass last week, or this kind of videoblog post. Once I get clearances sorted, I hope to post a version of our “story” (which is not so much a story as an impression, since it didn’t have a script and instead used remixed location sound and stills) soon.

A frequently overlooked, but incredibly important innovation from that point of view is that the new iPod records audio at 44.1 khz, which is CD quality, instead of the lame 8 khz the previous models limited you to. Not only that, but it records in stereo, which makes an enormous difference for recording anything other than lecture notes.

I want one.

Who wants to buy me one for Christmas? Sigh. I’ve been blessed with gadgets from heaven…

[edit]: Nice article on the new iPod in relation to audio recording at iLounge, and another lengthy discussion at music thing.

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  1. The only downside of the iPod with Video 44.1khz capability is that you need a special dock adaptor to plug in a microphone … and even though the specs refer you to the Applestore, no such adator exists anywhere at all in the (commerially available) world.

    Going on past trends, I just hope Griffin get around to it soon (but will it still be iTalk … maybe, iTalkClearly?).

  2. yep, I’m sure belkin and/or griffin will be there in a flash.

    BTW, I have both the belkin mic adaptor and the belkin voice recorder, and they both record very clearly, within the limitations of 8khz recording.

    A stereo mic adaptor and/or inbuilt stereo mic will surely come along soon.

  3. it *is* nice, though it was a bugger to get to grips with in terms of formats etc.. i know it was supposed to be all “apple and simple” and all, but to get BOTH ipod video users and most other poeple on the planet to see the videos at once was fairly tricky….
    didn’t know it does audio, need to check that out…

  4. Trine, i’ve had only minor problems converting most things to mp4 using the iPod specs and a few different apps/methods (once I stopped using quicktime pro to do it, which takes forever) – .mp4 files playback in the quicktime player, so am I missing something? Or is it about streaming? Curious to know

    And the audio thing is exciting, but we have to wait for 3rd party sound-in hardware (unlike on the 1G and 2G iPods, which you could load Linux onto and record uncompressed audio straight thru the headphone jack, apparently)

  5. Found this page while looking for updated info about third-party recording accessories for the iPod 5G.
    Actually, only 3G and 4G iPods were able to record through the audio jack. Linux does run on 1G and 2G iPods but without recording capabilities.

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