audio recording on ipod video: signs of life (updated)

From Gizmodo: Xtreme Mac have announced the upcoming release of a voice recorder that attaches to the ipod video via the dock connector, allowing the user to record at 22khz through the flexible microphone provided or with any mic via the 3mm input. What I really want, though, is a built-in stereo microphone or at least the ability to connect one. Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come.

update: Belkin will start shipping the Tunetalk Stereo in April. The Tunetalk is a stereo voice recorder (with dual built-in microphones and a line-in input) that attaches via the dock connector. It records in 16bit at 44.1khz (stereo) or 22khz (mono). The iPod bible iLounge tested the device at Macworld Expo and seemed pretty positive, even giving it their “best in show” award, apparently. Looking forward to some real reviews on its release, but things are looking up, that’s for sure.

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  1. you know, lack of proper DVR capability is the only thing stopping me from buying an Ipod. i cannot justify buying one on my meagre earnings/massive rent/etc but i do carry at least one interview a month for magazine writing work or dissertation. I can’t believe the people at Apple haven’t thought of doing ‘themed’ bundle packages including one specifically designed for journo’s or whatever. If it is for work it is a tax deduction… They could also have ones that come with dock stations etc. yeah…

  2. I’ve read some contradicting information about this recorder. Some have been complaining that it only records at 22Khz, but the manufacture has these as the specs:

    Uses iPod high-fidelity recording (44 KHz/16 Bit – high quality recording)
    Removable microphone with flexible neck
    Compatible with any 3.5mm-plug microphone
    Instant playback with built-in speaker
    One touch recording – even in Play mode
    No batteries—iPod Powered
    Only for iPod with video

    Now what I really want to know is if you can monitor sound through your ipods headphone out WHILE you record.

    Also, does it have a stereo microphone preamp for mics designed for video cameras and minidisc recorders? That would seal the deal for me.

  3. Thanks for your postings.

    I bought an iRiver PMP 140 because it has a built in voice recorder. It is an excellent device for this purpose and the only problem is battery life of around 4 hours which is too short on occassions.

    I’m attracted to the iPod Video 60 gig because of the higher capacity and it’s easier to use.

    I’m now going to look into recording for iPod Video.

  4. I rang Belkin Australia even though it is now past April they are not selling the Tunetalk Stereo recorder yet. It is listed as a future product with no price yet.

    The product code for the black model is:
    Product Code: F8Z082-BLK
    There was no product code on their system for the white model.

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