3 thoughts to “Relaxed and comfortable?”

  1. Absolutely agree. Thanks for writing about it. It’s so shocking. I heard Boni speaking on the radio this morning recounting what Aunty Delmae had said. As the SMH now reports too: “She said ‘I hadn’t been drinking’ and she said ‘is this all I’m worth Boni, is this all I’m worth’.” The answer to that question is no, no, not ever.

    That international students were the ones to do something (thankfully) only adds to this complete disgrace.

    At the same time elsewhere in the globe, a film is rewarded for noticing a society where people need to Crash in to each other to feel human touch…

  2. that’s terrible, and makes me wonder had it even been covered by the news had it been someone else (i.e not someone famous).

  3. Mel, it may not be too cynical to say that the international students (bless them) helped because they haven’t learned the other script. Not sufficiently acculturated to “Australian values” to walk on by.

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