6 thoughts to “the life you lead”

  1. what does it mean to you? what do you mean that it makes sense to you the other way around???? just curious….

  2. Hi, my name’s Hunter.. and i have stumbled apon this picture before, someone had it on their Myspace and had saved it to my computer and have had it on my photobucket acount for a while now. I just like the picture.. But i was just writing a rather pointless blog on my Myspace profile and i started rambling on about something or another which made me think about this picture and i commented on it while writing my blog.. but anyways i found the picture on my photobucket but it was rather tiny and you couldn’t make out the words really so i searched it from google and i found it and i came apon this blog page.. i havn’t really read anything that you have writtin.. besides what you wrote about this particular picture.. i actually just stopped writing and posted a bulletin with that picture on My Space for all my friends to see.. i don’t think any of this really has a point to it.. but i just came apon what you wrote and i found it interesting.. so if you will.. send me and email just to let me know you have read this. please..


  3. I remember seeing this cartoon over 20 years ago and thinking how apt it was and was just now wondering if it was on the internet and so it is. Thanks for posting it. I remember it distinctly as being a fork in the road but obviously I misremembered unless Leunig did two very similar cartoons but that somehow seems unlikely.

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