thankyou, spam karma

My life since the last wordpress upgrade, which was only about 6 weeks ago i think:

# Total Spam Caught: 9212 (average karma: -969.9)
# Total Comments Approved: 77 (average karma: 15.18)
# Total Comments Moderated: 130

My life before the upgrade was pretty much like:

#Total Spam Caught: 0 (nothing to catch them with that worked with our php installation, or that I could make work)
# Total Comments Approved: 77 (after moderation, see below)
# Total Comments Moderated By Hand and With the Aid of Every Swear Word in English and Some Other Languages as Well: 9212

Happy now.

3 thoughts to “thankyou, spam karma”

  1. yeah, it’s weird, I almost miss all those strange and mysterious messages from spambots each day. There seems to be a new, very clever, form of it as well, where they actually paraphrase part of the post – so it is for all intents and purposes a real comment – and the links take you to ‘blogs’ about wine collecting or online marketing. my guess is that these blogs will be replaced by e-businesses once their google ranking has been pushed through the roof by incoming links from other blogs.

  2. OK – I know I’m blonde…

    But it took me a while to work out that I was being spammed by spam-bots. I mean… it had never come up in conversation or anything, so how would I know? The first time it happened I thought “oh, isn’t that odd. Someone who runs a Chinese porn site has added a track-back.” I twigged about the time I started getting links to sites selling medical accessories and holidays in Afghanistan. So disspaointing! For a second I’d even believed I was popular 🙂

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