word count obsession

Current thesis word count: 22545

Which makes it around 3,000 in the last 24 hours. (Although admittedly I did find about 5 pages that I had forgotten to paste in from early chapter drafts).

Inspired by Jane McGonigal via Anne’s online writer’s retreat, here is one of the newly minted sentences:

Texts and their meanings matter less than practices, relationships and contexts.

I’m quite pleased, considering the word count occasionally goes in completely the wrong direction when I’m writing. Also, I think that is the shortest sentence I have ever written.

11 thoughts to “word count obsession”

  1. i like the word count thing. most phd students at sussex is cutting down as they spent three years filling documents with words. random words. now they’re regretting it i think. david is building up as well, it actually seems to make more sense…. well done!!

  2. Glen: http://www.writertopia.com/toolbox/meters
    Anne – we don’t measure theses in pages! Plus, I like to write in pretty, single-space typography, which makes page counts pretty depressing. And if it makes you, or any of the imaginary people who think I’m bragging, feel better, my current word count includes appendices (but not footnotes). Not only that, but when I have a rough draft (the 80,000 word target) and get really serious, it will start going down, down, down, as the B52s say.

  3. This is a great sentence; it’s similar to the idea i’m working worth-that we don’t understand texts by reading them but by performing them.

    But isn’t it a drag to write these idea’s?

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