no cinematic equivalent to autobiography?

In this videoblog remix, I think Trine begs to differ. Lovely stuff.

I’ve been thinking as well that perhaps ‘the everyday’ is the currency of videoblogging in a way that is more muted for (personal) text-based blogging. Not that everydayness is more or less present, but that it is more important in creating whatever affective power the genre has. I’m speculating very tentatively here, but maybe it has something to do with the illusion of more immediate self-mediated representation – not ‘truth’, exactly; maybe it’s about how mundane details (washing up in the background, dogs barking in the distance, whatever) creep in without being written in. It’s certainly something to do with multimodality. I wonder if Trine, or anyone else, has any thoughts on that?

I haven’t started work for the day yet, so no word count 😉

4 thoughts to “no cinematic equivalent to autobiography?”

  1. yes hm, just saw this now. I think you’re right, but i don’t know yet. ive got such a long way to go. but i hear these videobloggers always talking about ‘truth’ and how ‘real’ they are, and i just don’t know if that even matters.
    the everydayness is there definitely, from my own experience it is rare i get through a whole ‘take’ without something ‘interrupting’ me.
    are you saying it’s the ‘accidental’ things that makes it everyday? because i never know if they even ‘are’ accidental, maybe it is trying to give a representation of daily life, not be that

    ok now i am confused. ignore that. actually, I’ll leave it in, it’s more work than I’ve done all week!! 😉

  2. Thanks Trine, sorry to confuse you (but you know it’s good for us PhD students to be confused, it means we’re working) 😉

    I think part of it is the accidental or in-between stuff, but then, you’re right, ‘allowing’ that stuff to be represented is tied up with authenticity too…

    PS Your comments keep getting eaten as if they’re spam – I think it might be your use of ‘nospam’ in the email address or something, I dunno. But FYI, email addresses are just used to authenticate you and they never appear anywhere on the site.

  3. i am constantly confused wo that must mean i am working very hard! (or am.. er.. just confused…) Mostly, I confuse myself. I like it. 🙂

    anyway, if you’re not so much *allowing* the accidental as *creating* it, then doesn’t that mean that the whole notion of authenticity is questioned? i mean, if someone is a film maker, or at least quite knowlegeable about film and the process of making it, then can we ‘trust’ that the accidental shots aren’t just added to “present” an image of the real?

    ok, i need to respond to this properly. will think and write something. or do a video… i’ll let you know..

    ps. ive stopped adding the nospam stuff as i thought that was it, and it still ate my comment yesterday. i expect you can decide for yourself which of my comments are worth keeping and which ones are, in fact, spam! 😉

  4. yeah, I don’t know what’s going on – spam karma obviously hates you! And the other most recent commenters. I keep playing with the settings, but when I make it more relaxed it lets ads for [insert drug name here] straight through moderation!

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