no more sentences this week

I wrote something like 7,000 words this week. The next step is to tidy up, remove the most embarrassing notes-to-self, and hand it over to the supervisors to get some feedback and fuel up for the next leg of the journey. I’d prefer to wait until it’s finished before anyone is allowed to see any of it, but that isn’t really the way it works.

So in that spirit, here is my last sentence of the day:

If cultural agency is measured by access to the space to self-mediate, create and engage, then it is in plentiful supply in the imagined futures of contemporary commercial democracies. Web 2.0 developers need their users to be co-creators, active participants, and even ‘good citizens’.

Current thesis word count: 26,171

3 thoughts to “no more sentences this week”

  1. Jean –

    You either need to write less or stop depressing the rest of us with your disgusting levels of productivity!

    I am currently wrestling with a literature review/methodology chapter that is 15,000 words long. Gah. That was the length of my entire honours thesis – and I had a whole YEAR to write that! And the whole damn thesis is meant to go to my panel by Monday.

    I think I have developed a negative personality disorder.

    Ignore me. Keep pumping the words out – your last sentence looks brilliant! I am totally jealous!


  2. Ha! it will all be over one day lucy! As with childbirth, the pain will be forgotten once the endorphins hit…

  3. hehehe, lucy is SO right!!! STOP IT already! no really that’s excellent, you must be so pleased…

    i think ive taken summer holidays already. got stuck on chapter 5 of Imagined Communities and that was it. summer. shut up, anderson! 😉

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