Belkin TuneTalk Stereo shipping this month

An announcement from iLounge:

Belkin today announced that its new TuneTalk Stereo will be available in North America in mid-June, with launches in Asia, Europe, and Australia to follow closely. The $70 device, first shown at Macworld Expo in January, lets you record audio in CD-quality stereo sound. It features two high-quality omnidirectional microphones, an auxiliary 3.5mm stereo-input for an external microphone, and comes with a positionable stand. The TuneTalk Stereo also has an adjustable gain control switch, an extended dock connector spacer for using the device with a protective case, and is available in both black and white colors.

It hasn’t been reviewed yet as far as I can see, but this device promises to be the first semi-decent stereo microphone for the iPod video. It would be even better if you could plug two microphones into the microphone adaptor – then again, if you owned two quality microphones you would probably be using a proper field recorder and not an iPod.

Update 06-07-2006: The Tunetalk Stereo has been reviewed at iLounge. They were pleased with the sound, but noted the limited stereo separation (because the built-in microphones are so close together). However, I just realised you could plug a powered stereo microphone, or a pair of microphones through a stereo adapter, into the line-in. So despite having no speakers for immediate playback (and presumably no monitoring through headphones while recording) it does look to be the winner so far.

4 thoughts to “Belkin TuneTalk Stereo shipping this month”

  1. Everyone seems to have problems shipping this type device. Extreme Mac has not shipped and keeps putting it off. Belkin has not shipped yet but I was told shipping on 7/3/06.. I’ll believe it when either device arrives at my door.

  2. Yes, I think there’s a bit of a game of chicken going on between belkin, griffin and xtreme mac – I’m starting to think it’s all vapourware as well!

  3. yeah. these people have been delaying since January (the original supposed release date) My theory is that they are terrified that they will spend all of this money on production and then a new incompatable ipod (the fullscreen version ?) will be released. You may recall that the video ipod is incompatable with the previous belkin ipod mic. Im sure theyve got warehouse full of those old mics that no one will buy now.
    In any case they seem to be serious this time. aand what with the stereo input, it looks like a winner. Ive got my order in now. Cant wait.

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