KGUV Digital Stories Now Online

I’ve just returned to my office, full of scones and lamingtons and date loaf, after the very well-attended launch of the second Kelvin Grove Urban Village Sharing Stories exhibition at the Creative Industries Precinct at QUT. As part of the launch we screened the digital stories from the 2006 workshop, which I co-ordinated with project leader Helen Klaebe. These stories (and the 2004 batch) are now available for you to view online.

It was great to catch up with the participants (many of whom brought along family, friends and neighbours), to have a laugh (or to be teased about why I haven’t finished my PhD yet) and to share their sense of occasion, pride and achievement. Some of the participants bumped into and reconnected with people from their pasts as a result of the connections made during the project – very cool that this can be a spin-off effect of a project like this, but it gives me a buzz every time it happens. And it amazes me how the audience laughs and cries in the ‘right’ places in every story, every time.

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