fieldwork finished

Tonight I wrapped up my Flickr interviews, which were the last bits of fieldwork for my PhD. I could have kept talking to people forever, because the whole process has been so rich and productive and interesting, and, well, fun, but you have to stop somewhere. I’m going to be saying this many more times in the coming months, but thank you so much to:

Mr. Magoo ICU








I now am officially in thesis hell, to the extent that I have almost completely cleared my schedule between now and December and declined a whole bunch of other projects that I really, really wanted to do, and writing this post feels like a luxuriant waste of time. Let’s call it a birthday present, because I started creativity/machine around about three years ago, while in the very early stages of thinking through ideas for a PhD project on amateur creativity (and procrastinating about finishing my MPhil). Maybe it’s time to start planning a postdoc. (Only joking)

7 thoughts to “fieldwork finished”

  1. well done!
    now you’re really up to the hard part 🙂

    you chose some really lovely photos for this entry. have to go exploring now!

  2. Thanks melanie. You’re not wrong about the hard part.

    BTW these are all either photos that people drew my attention to as we were chatting or that were listed as their own favourites. Interesting mix of approaches I reckon.

  3. Almost completely cleared your schedule? What about AoIR?? What about Flickr meets??? You can’t abandon us like that.

  4. Congratulations. All you have to do now is relax and write. My only advice is don’t think too much… It’s the Nike version of thesis writing: Just do it!

  5. well done. and good luck.

    david is upstairs, has been for weeks, and these days he hardly speaks to me… i think submitting SOON. hurrah! this year has been mental. i am actually doubting whether i really want to do it myself…

    anyway, the photos are so beautiful, and you seem to be on a really good roll. hope you’ll blog just a little bit over the next few months as well…

  6. thanks Mathias, sounds like good advice! Trine, I’m not going to be much help with your doubts, until of course that mythical, impossible sounding day arrives when I’ve finished – and then I’ll probably tell you it isn’t _that_ bad and it’s all worth it!

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