my computer is just like me (not)

Just in case I was too subtle last time about the race and gender politics of the personification of technology in the ‘Get a Mac’ ads, here are two new ones (one, two). I’m speechless. Thanks Anne.

There are about a bazillion spoofs of these ads, of course – in fact, they positively beg to be parodied (as in, on purpose). Has anyone seen any good/funny/clever videos that do a good job of taking on the cultural politics? I mean something other than the ubiquitous geeky hilarity of introducing a Linux character and/or having the computers be secretly gay and in love with each other? I am so not allowed to be trawling YouTube all day, so recommendations would be most welcome.

8 thoughts to “my computer is just like me (not)”

  1. god i am trawling youtube *every* day! i should stop myself really….
    but you are SO right about the ads….

    btw – did you get david’s news? job? swansea? we’re moving!!

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