Cultural Studies: PhD Fellowship in India

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The Centre for the Study of Culture and Society (CSCS) offers a fellowship awarded by SEPHIS to a student from any country in the South to spend one academic year in Bangalore, India, beginning July 2007.

The main purpose of the fellowship programme is to help develop alternative frameworks for research and teaching as well as new theoretical paradigms that take into account the specific experiences of non-Western societies.

The student can either register with CSCS for the Ph.D. in Cultural Studies (validated by the Manipal University, Kuvempu University and Bangalore University) or register in his/her own country and do the CSCS coursework for two semesters.

Details and application instructions at the website.

2 thoughts to “Cultural Studies: PhD Fellowship in India”

  1. Good that you wrote, Would like to know more about it, actually would like to get into the whole process of doing a doctoral thesis on Culture: Domination and Resistance, in the context of contemporary india,
    Have a masters in film studies, but unfortunately 31 years of age, and 59% so can you help.

  2. west tends to exploit the cultural knowledge, insight that comes through ur research for strategic domination… hence beware of the purpose before taking up a research task!!!

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