8 thoughts to “i am such a nerd…”

  1. So much intense concentrating! You make me realise why I have such big frownmarks on my forehead…

    Oh and very fitting lyric to fade out with!

  2. that’s fantastic!!

    i LOVE the sky through the window and the fact your hair looks more and more mental as the day progresses! 😉

    wlcome to the vlogosphere. you realiase there is no way back now…

  3. well, jaz, you know it’s just false modesty. Because I do in fact know pretty much everything already 😉

    Trine, thanks! I hadn’t thought about the fact that I was vlogging either, but yeah, I guess I am…

    and hey, Elijah. [how’s the honours thesis comin’ along…?]

  4. Hey Jean
    I’m surprised to see that you were left to get on with your work!
    So few interruptions! At this rate you could get your post doc done in a year!Sweet animation!

  5. Hi Jean,
    That was awesome. I’d love to know what time delay you had on each shot! Good to see that its not just me who covers their mouth when they’re thinking.
    Cheers, Wes.

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