Postdoc positions in gender and science

Three one-year postdoctoral research jobs at the Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University, Sweden.

The Centre for Gender Research is a research intense unit, consisting of about 20 researchers from different disciplines. We are now recruiting additional post-docs for full-time, one-year positions. Successful applicants have some kind of “double” competence – gender research and science – in one of the following research areas:

1) Gender and physics. The interface between gender research and physics has mostly been restricted to understand “women in science”; conditions, power-relations, mechanisms of exclusion and the like. We encourage applicants to focus on questions about gendered knowledge and materiality.

2)Gender and animal research. Animal research has traditionally, with some very important exceptions, been viewed as “outside” of gender and feminist concerns. Applicants in this area are welcomed to focus on issues concerning the gendering of animals, and the animaling of gender, in biological and other research.

3) Trans-disciplinary feminist didactics. Gender didactics is an undeveloped field, mainly in Sweden but also internationally. At the same time it is pivotal in all gender research to understand how gender is communicated. Hence teaching is the key to transdisciplinary encounters, which is why a national knowledge base in gender didactics is expected to contribute to deepen the planned trans-disciplinary research and theory development. To meet this requirement, we invite a visiting scientist position in feminist didactics who will start the building of such a knowledge base.

The persons we are looking for have different disciplinary backgrounds, and may therefore be researchers in for example pedagogy, history of science, sociology, biology or physics.