Design PrOn and some Serious Bespoke Action

Via cityofsound’s I just discovered PingMag. Where have I been?

The most recent entry is about the amazing Social Suicide line of suits.

They have a line that’s available in stores and online, but it seems they still do bespoke suits as well. Here’s a taste:

If you are a man with a tattoo, we might arrange a photo session with you where we take a shot of your tattoo in its exact position and measure you for your suit. We then have your tattoo embroidered on your jacket. Now when you take that jacket off you have your tattoo on your shirt, and when you take that shirt off it shows on your body – in the exact same position.

These suits start from £3 600/ $6 600 dollars.

More at pingmag. For someone who fantasizes about the perfect generic white shirt, endlessly repeated in neat rows in my wardrobe, it’s all a bit creepy, this endlessly customizable future. Creepy, but cool.

Also very interesting:

An interview about the book 3030: New Photography in China:

This fully illustrated survey of 30 of China’s brightest photographers under 30 shows a new generation of artists, unburdened by ideology and immersed in the economic and social changes that have transformed China over the past 20 years.

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  1. We don’t have any here, do we? Or…by kissing boys? seriously though, since when was everything exciting and new done by people under 30 anyway? not lately, that’s for sure. [grumbles into beard] But really, some interesting photographs.

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