everything the business traveller needs to know

everything the business traveller needs to know

Seriously, I challenge you to imagine you are a caricature of a businessman, and then to think of any really important knowledge not contained in one of these three books.

Above my (nice big) desk in my hotel room in Boston, which will be mission central for the next 10 days or so.

And by the way, the weather is increasingly lovely – I woke to clear blue skies today.

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  1. Ooh! You’re there already! Getting rather excited about going, over here – I actually haven’t been to a conference or even travelled for months and months and am very ready to go 🙂 So what’s the weather like, what should we pack?

    (And uh, yeah, I guess today’s the day I’m writing my presentation…)

  2. Hey Jill. it’s gone all sunny and warm in the last couple of days – predicted temps of 12-27 later this week! it got up to about 25 today, very warm out in the sun and no wind or rain (or sleet!). beautiful crisp spring weather, and I’m loving it. Come on over!

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