a spot of vernacular creativity on the street

Given that busking paid my rent over several summers back in the day, I have a special place in my heart for buskers, and street drummers are super cool. I captured this video (on my phone, sorry!) while out strolling around sunny Boston with all the other tourists this afternoon. Enjoy. Here’s a direct link in case the embed doesn’t work in your feed reader.

If you want to try this at home, all you really need is a couple of sticks, some old paint cans, good coordination, a killer sense of rhythm, and years and years and years of practice.

Here’s a video of a different Boston street drummer with a much more esoteric style. Hope he’s still around!

There are heaps of other great busking videos on YouTube, too.

3 thoughts to “a spot of vernacular creativity on the street”

  1. yep… there you are in boston… so close and yer not even going to come down to the city and visit, are ya…. sniff sniff, are ya… faux tear made from water…. 😉 have a great time, though i don’t know how you’ll manage to stay inside at the conference with this great spring weather.

  2. jeremy, you’re the second new yorker who has made that remark (although maybe not with the fake tears)…you never know, I may be able to finagle a day off…

    btw finagle, for the people at home, is a new word I learnt here, usually juxtaposed with ‘a bagel’ – yes, it’s a franchise: check out the snazzy website. I found a much nicer place called Bon au Pain round the corner though, so I haven’t actually finagled a bagel yet.

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