no title necessary

I just got my PhD examiners reports via email after a long day at work. Both of the examiners say that no corrections are required in order for the degree to be awarded (although there are lots of productive comments and suggestions about what I might extend/improve on for publication, pretty much all of which I agree with). The long and the short of it is that once I’ve printed my thesis and bound it and had the research office sign off, I’ll be a Doctor. I am in serious shock.

Refer to the previous post for the appropriate soundtrack to this moment. And without wanting to intrude, I can’t help but note that Trine’s video of David’s PhD submission used the same song as I wrote that post about. Perhaps it was a good omen?

Leave your requests for drug prescriptions in the comments.

21 thoughts to “no title necessary”

  1. right on jean – congrats!! but just remember that when it’s my turn i don’t want any of that bloody hippie music for a soundtrack 😉

  2. well, thanks anne. however, it should be obvious from this post that, as you’ve always feared, Hippies Rule the Earth.

    PS I think those young folk, what are they called…? Ah, yes. The Emos. I think they claim Bright Eyes as their own. Take it up with them.

  3. the problem with hippies is that they keep loving you no matter how much you despise them. when i’m dr. anne we’ll have a sound-off and see who wins. i bet it won’t be your precious hippie emo touchy feely wankers…

  4. Jean hangs out with Emos? who knew….. a hippy emo…. i can see how that might make someone sad…

    Congrats on the docta.

  5. Congratulations! Not that there was every any doubt, but it must feel wonderful to be this close to finished.

  6. Many congratulations Dr Jean, enjoy that newfound freedom above your shoulders! I recommend the Impressions’ “We’re a Winner”, perhaps a little ethically problematic as a theme tune, but definitely the right mood and if you sing at home no-one needs to know…

  7. Congratulations Jean-jeannie! In record time too, and with no corrections. Although I’m not really surprised 😉

    If my brain were less infused with Thomas the Tank Engine’s “NIght Train” and Justine Clarke’s “Watermelon”, I might be able to offer a suitable soundtrack suggestion.

    Enjoy the celebrations!

  8. Congratulations Jean – and it was great to see the MIT slide presentation too.

    Remember, I’d love to read your thesis when it is available. Digital version preferred.


  9. Thanks Pam! Shouldn’t be too long now before I get final final sign-off from the office of research and can make the thesis available. You’ll definitely be among the first to know!

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