PhD acknowledgements: the YouTube version

Although I haven’t actually had my thesis bound yet, I thought I’d celebrate just a little anyway. So I made a video that I hope does a better job of thanking the people who cheered me up, listened to me whinge, or made me laugh while I was doing my PhD than the ‘official’ acknowledgements ever could.

If you had even the tiniest bit of co-present fun with me at any point in the last three years, chances are you’re in here somewhere. If not, it’s only because I didn’t have a photo of you.

alternative link.

Oh, and the music is for Jules and Jaz (who both quite like Missy Higgins), and also Anne (who hates positive, jangly-guitar folk-inspired pop music like this with a passion). Besides, the song is getting so much mainstream radio airplay right now that the day I submitted my thesis will be forever linked to this moment in the history of popular culture. (or, i just like the jangly guitars).

8 thoughts to “PhD acknowledgements: the YouTube version”

  1. I don’t know which is worse: being “forever linked to this moment in the history of popular culture” or “positive, jangly-guitar folk-inspired pop music”!

    Luckily for you, this matter is less important than the awesomeness of you finishing your thesis and being enough of a geek to put your personal acknowledgements on YouTube, which we can both agree is what the internets are all about.

  2. Such nerdy goodness!! I got a bit teary lookin’ at that. Hope lots of those faces will be staying with you well beyond the PhD. Well done & yay, again. xx

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