New blog: Propagating Media

Propagating Media is a brand new collaborative blog that I’m a member of, along with my boss John Hartley and fellow postdoc John Banks. It’s going to be the outboard brain of the research program I’m employed on here at QUT, focusing mostly on the work we’re doing together around the idea of the ‘evolution of knowledge’. Jh has launched the blog with an introduction (and his very first blog post!) here.

Within the scope he’s described, I’m particularly interested in the relationship between complexity theory and cultural studies, especially as they might apply to understanding the dynamics of change in cultural and media systems.

I’m not sure how the new blog will interact with this one – maybe more of my thinking-out-loud posts will end up over there, and this one will shift more towards the personal end, I’m really not sure yet.

In the meantime, consider this post a shameless plug: please add us to your blogrolls and RSS feed readers!

Update: My first post (on creative destruction and music subcultures, and bebop of all things) here.