Australian Blogging Conference this Friday

On Friday I’m going to be at the Australian Blogging Conference, which is being held here at the Creative Industries Precinct, QUT Kelvin Grove. A bit of the blurb:

BlogOzThe growth of the Australian blogging community has mirrored the expansion of the blogosphere elsewhere in the developed world. However, there have been only a few opportunities afforded to Australian bloggers to get together and discuss their common interest. This unconference, modelled on the successful BloggerCons in the United States, aims to redress this by providing a forum that will allow Australian bloggers to gather together and talk about blogging and the Australian blogosphere. It aims to be a user-focused conference for the Australian blogging community.

This will not be a conference in the traditional sense. It will be relatively informal. Instead of lengthy presentations, people will be invited lead discussions on various topics throughout the day – some practical, such as how to build a better blog, and some theoretical on the role, influence and future of blogs.

Melissa Gregg, Axel Bruns and I are leading the 10.30 am session ‘Researching Blogging and Blogging Research’. These are some of the questions we hope will provoke some really interesting and dynamic discussion:

* What’s there to research about blogging?
* What research methodologies can be used to research blogging?
* How do blogs support the research process?
* How do blogs contribute to disseminating research?

Looking forward to seeing some of you there, and for those who can’t attend I’m sure there will be video and/or blog entries galore on most of the sessions.

And the day before that, I’m graduating. Looking forward to finally wearing that floppy hat.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, I was completely unaware this was on.

    Congrats on getting to wear the floppy hat. I’ll be sure to address you are Dr when we meet. 😉

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