Short courses in digital storytelling at QUT

The Creative Industries Faculty at QUT is now offering short continuing professional education courses in digital storytelling and co-creative media, with an option to gain academic credit for the course. The course includes hands-on training in a workshop environment. There will be three courses run this year – there is likely to be strong demand so if you’re interested, get in quick!

See the website for more details and to register.


Digital Storytelling is a powerful means for enabling communication and social participation. Ordinary people work with expert creative practitioners to create first person narratives for a wide and growing range of purposes, including community building, cultural engagement, brand identification, education, and public communication. This form of co-creative media takes advantage of newly accessible technologies but is based in the ancient and universal tradition of storytelling.

A digital story usually combines 15-30 still images and a recorded script of 100-250 words to create an original personal digital story in the form of a 2-3 minute digital video. Creative Industries Faculty researchers at QUT have an internationally recognized track record in adapting Digital Storytelling to a variety of contexts and purposes including poverty reduction, public history, and youth engagement. From 2009 this expertise is made available to the wider community through Continuing Professional Education courses.

The workshop is aimed at arts managers, media and communication professionals and professionals in other service industries (for example, health and education) who wish to develop and update their applied knowledge of how digital media can be used to engage clients and end-users. Prior knowledge of digital media applications is not necessary. The program is suited to people who would like to:

  • develop their skills in creating short, story-based, digital multimedia presentations
  • use co-creative media techniques to facilitate the creative participation of ordinary people in digital media projects
  • apply digital storytelling techniques in community development and engagement activities, in government, non-government, community and commercial contexts
  • become a digital storytelling workshop facilitator
  • learn more about digital storytelling and co-creative media practices

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  1. Just wanted to leave a comment about this very particular use of digital stories, which I think might have a community building effect. My references goes to a particular Norwegian fram of reference, where small business owners tend to develop tourism in parallell processes, with lots of rivalry and lack of communication. A friend of mine researches the entrepeneurs and uses a lifestory approach. Their stories have so many commonalities, and by expressing them her research has the potential of helping these people see more of the common goods in collaboration than keeping up rivalry and negative competition. In due time I hope to develop a workshop for this group in using DS as a forum for organizational development.

  2. video above -“Reenactment: fans performing scenes from the stage to YouTube”
    In this presentation from the Institute of Film and Television Studies’ Ephemeral Media Workshops, Professor Barbara Klinger from the University of Indiana discusses her research on the phenomenon of fan recreations.

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