New blog: Mapping Online Publics

Just a quick note to say that I’ve started blogging elsewhere as part of the 3-year ARC Discovery project I’m working on with Axel Bruns.

The project’s official title is “New Media and Public Communication: Mapping Australian User-Created Content in Online Social Networks”, and the blog is called Mapping Online Publics. We’ve been posting mainly about ways of working with public Twitter data around the rapidly-approaching Australian election (and Masterchef!) since setting it up last month, but we’ll be covering a much wider range of topics once that’s all over.

So far I’ve posted a few bits of analysis of the most tweeted election-related YouTube videos, the most tweeted URLs, and an experiment using Gephi to visualise @reply networks in the Twitter conversation around Masterchef.

I might stick my head up here from time to time if something gets me sufficiently excited or riled up, but no promises…