everything the business traveller needs to know

everything the business traveller needs to know

Seriously, I challenge you to imagine you are a caricature of a businessman, and then to think of any really important knowledge not contained in one of these three books.

Above my (nice big) desk in my hotel room in Boston, which will be mission central for the next 10 days or so.

And by the way, the weather is increasingly lovely – I woke to clear blue skies today.

you are what you txt with

Some erudite cultural analysis of the relationship between mobile phone brand and social identity, thanks to Nielsen Media Research via the Lazy Research Desk at The Age:

Sony Ericsson handsets are favoured by ambitious young men trying to make their mark; LGs are tops with mums; while Samsungs are wielded by young women focused on their career, a study of mobile phone usage shows.

This is no reworked PR fluff-piece, though – it contains Real Journalism.

Sydneysider Dane Maddams, 21, of Concord, agrees that you can tell a lot about a person by their mobile phone.


Mr Maddams has a Sony Ericsson K800i and says he could be described as an ambitious young man trying to make his mark.

“I’m definitely not a middle-aged woman,” he said.

I’m not one for the psychoanalysis, but…hello Dane, could you be projecting?

P.S. Guess what, Dane. I’m afraid I have the same phone as you.

And in other news not fit to print, watch out for me fulminating on YouTube in this Saturday’s Courier Mail.