Frack, no more BSG?

As I do when I find a series I like, over the last couple of weeks I binge-watched all 3 seasons of Battlestar Galactica. I did the same with Heroes. In both cases, eventually the tragic day arrives when I’ve caught up with the States. At best, this habit means waiting a week in between episodes, something which really doesn’t suit my lifestyle and OCD personality. At worst – well, in the States, BSG is all over until a mini-series in September, while the next season doesn’t start until 2008.

In the short time since my stockpiled episodes of Season 3 ran out, I’ve been feeling strangely sad, lost, angry and…look, let’s be honest – really quite alone.

This very well put-together ‘gag reel’ has made it all a little bit better (warning – contains spoilers!):

By the way, if anyone knows the proper details about the gag video and how it got to the interwebs, please let me know in the comments. i.e. was it on TV or a DVD extra, or was it released into the “virusphere”?

Anyway, it’s on YouTube now, and therefore=work.

Well, at least fan videos (where vernacular creativity and proprietary content get all entangled and bear fruit) are work, definitely. Like this very sweet Starbuck/Laura number for example: